About The Atelier

Over 15 years of experience working in different departments within the fashion industry led to this.

Knowing the pain-point of brands, that couldn't find suppliers for small production runs or just samples, retailers that couldn't place orders to test brands and meet the MOQs, and manufacturers that didn't want to block production lines to make prototypes without firm production.

London Atelier Byproduct is a direct to consumer brand, a supplier, a wholesaler and tailor.


Re-worked dead-stock

Custom orders

Small production runs

Curated finds

Designed and sourced

Co-branding exclusive orders

Co-branding exclusive orders

Wholesale with low MOQ

Samples-to-production for other brands

L.A.B. - our brand

If you see anything in the shop and want to check out, go ahead. If you would like any of the styles in a different colour or print, please message us and we'll get back to you with available options.


For boutiques and wholesalers

For boutiques - if you would like to place and order, our wholesale minimum is £1500, and can be a one-off per style.

Also, if you have dead-stocks you can't move and would like it reworked, let's do that. Send us a message and we'll set up a quick call.

Buy Wholesale

For brands

For brands that want to test a new style, or want to scale, we cover everything from prototyping to production, with custom labels and branding. Send us a message, and we'll follow up for further details.

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